Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Full Term Appointment

Today Mom went for our weekly check up appointment with the doctor. It is not the most enjoyable thing to go have an exam every week, but it is kind of exciting to monitor my progress. The doctor told Mom that she is definitely thinned out but still no dilation. Darn! The doctor assured Mom that she has had an easy and smooth pregnancy and there, blood pressure fine, weight fine (at least that is what the doc says!), urine fine, and bloodwork fine. I guess Mom is just getting a little antsy for my arrival. He also mentioned to Mom that he will be out of town from the 10th-19th-right during my anticipated arrival! Mom got a little concerned but the doctor assured her his team would take care of her in the event I came then. He also mentioned that after Mom goes next week, he will set her up for non-stress tests to monitor that all is still well. While my original date was August 17, the doctor thinks I may arrive a little later. He told Mom not to worry, it is not uncommon for first time moms to go to the due date or after. At the appointment next week, the doctor said it should help us know which way he thinks things will go. So for now, he kind of anticipates that I am pretty comfy in Mom's belly and may need some more time to may my appearance. Our doctor keeps pictures of his babies on the boards in the board so soon enough, I will join them. We will see . . .

This week also resulted in a HUGE purchase for Mom and Dad. Since Mom's Trailblazer (which was only a lease) was due back on next Monday, they set out to find a vehicle to purchase. With much research, looking around, and help from my Uncle, Mom and Dad purchased our new Equinox. We think that it is going to be a great family car with plenty of room for me, my stroller, Mom and Dad, and bags for when we visit family.

We will continue to keep you posted on my progress!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hospital Bags

Yes, Mom packed our hospital bags this week. The journal that my aunt gave her said that it was time to do it at the 33 week mark, so technically, she waited. Well let's be honest, she had the bags started weeks ago, but finished this week. I am about 37 weeks now (yes, we are sticking with the original due date). She packed her bag of items and a few items for me as well. She gave Dad the list of items he should probably get prepared, but he is not joining in the early planning thing with us. I am sure Mom will have plenty of support with Mamaw, Papaw, Grandma, Uncles and Aunts, in case Dad needs to go home for some items once the time comes.

Ok Moms, anything to make sure we included that we may not have thought of???

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

36 Week Appointment

Today Mom and I went for our 36 week appointment. This is the first appointment that Dad was not able to attend so the doctor missed him. Dad has been faithful and attended EVERY appointment with us so far. Today, was probably a good day for Dad not to attend though. The doctor did the usual check of the heartbeat and pelvic exam but there were some changes with the exam today. The doctor explained to Mom that her cervix has thinned a lot and this is a good sign that she may begin dilating soon. A bit scary though. Mom understands that dilating can take forever. The big question everyone keeps asking her is "are you ready to be done being pregnant?". Well Mom is definitely getting to that point. With the "full term" point hitting next week, it will probably get tougher. Mom is at the point where her sleep is so disrupted by FREQUENT nightly "bathroom breaks" and no comfortable sleeping position. The best part of the end drawing nearer is that Mom will not have to see this darn exam table as much! All in all, everything checked out and the doctor said that my head is facing down and has moved lower. I am making my move!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hosting a Baby Shower and Visiting with Family

This weekend was filled with fun! On Friday, Mom spent most of the morning cleaning up and preparing for the baby shower that she and Dad were hosting this weekend. Later that afternoon, Mom went to visit with Mamaw and Papaw who came in town. That evening, Dad met them for dinner so he could visit as well. It is always fun to visit with family!

On Saturday, Mom and Dad kept extremely busy. They had to do the final cleaning and preparations in the house and out in the yard for the baby shower and barbeque. Mom and Dad were hosting a shower for their friends' first girl. They have two boys and are thrilled to be having a girl. It all turned out really nice and we think that our friends enjoyed it as well. That evening, Mom wanted to completely crash so that she could enjoy the rest of her weekend but Dad's friend was having a farewell dinner at his restaurant. She opted out and let Dad make his appearance.

Today, Mom and Dad spent the day with Mamaw and Papaw, Uncle D, Aunt S, and my cousins. My cousin even got to try out my bouncy seat, which she really enjoyed. I hope that means that I will enjoy it too. It is good to see them and everyone is getting really excited about my arrival. Mom really enjoys showing off my room since she and Dad worked really hard to get it ready. It was a fun weekend but since it was busy, Mom and Dad took some time Sunday evening to relax together and watch some TV. It is kind of crazy to think that the next time Mamaw and Papaw come to visit, it could be for me!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Breastfeeding Class

Ok, so our worst nightmare came true . . . we walked in excited to begin our class, when who else did we see but our instructor from our childbirth class. Mom had a feeling that might happen. Mom still took a deep breath and plunged in. Dad was not so enthused, he felt very reluctant to deal with her yet again. She provided great information but it is amazing how she can talk. We had 3 hours and somehow, she still talked so much that she kept us until almost 10:00pm. There was some good information from the class which helped to ease my mind on some issues and open it to others. We discussesd anatomy and physiology, hold positions, pumping, and more. Mom thinks that the most beneficial will be the holds so it is most comfortable for me at different ages. Mom got to practice with a doll to ensure that she had it down pat!

Monday, July 14, 2008

35 Weeks and Ultrasound

Today was out 35 week appointment and ultrasound. Mom drank her water as instructed but it was nearly impossible for her to hold her bladder much longer. Dad was so helpful and trying to document this experience but Mom was about to explode. She just wanted to get inside so they could get the ultrasound and she could pee. Mom's belly continues to grow and this view is the one Dad took in front of the doctor's office.

Once Mom and Dad got into the doctor, all went well. The ultrasound was great but I didn't cooperate too well because I am kind of squished in there and I kept putting my hand in front of my face. I am a little shy right now. Mom and Dad really enjoyed seeing me. I am positioned correctly but kind of curved in Mom's belly. Mom was certain that my feet were in her right ribs and the technician confirmed that was definitely why Mom's ribs were hurting. After the ultrasound, Mom and Dad saw the doctor. He did an exam and checked the heartbeat; all still is progressing as expected. There was only one minor glitch-he mentioned that after seeing the ultrasound, my due date is somewhere in between August 17-27 (originally the 17th). So he may have just added more days on! Doctor did say that all has progressed and even if I decided to come early August, all would be fine. Mom has her next appointment next week, since I am getting close to being born, she now has to go every week. It will be good because then Mom can see if she has dilated any to monitor my anticipated arrival.

Mom and Dad take their breastfeeding class tomorrow evening. We just all hope that it is not the same instructor from our childbirth class. They hope to get some additional information as the date draws nearer.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rocking Chair Cushion

Well Mom finally found a rocking chair cushion for the rocking chair Mamaw and Papaw got her years ago. She decided not to paint it after all because the cushion covered enough. It was a little brighter yellow than it appeared on the website but it will definitely work! It came UPS today so of course, Mom had to put it right on. Guess we can mark that off the list! We are now down to putting up the rod and curtain panels for the closet and making valances for the windows.

Monday, July 7, 2008

34 Weeks, Can You Believe it?

Well I am now 34 weeks old and Mom's belly is officially HUGE. I guess that is good because that means I am still growing right? Mom has still been taking it easy and Dad continues to take good care of her. Even after working all day, he still finds time to stop and get her ice cream, rub her feet, or go for an evening walk with her. We all continue to get more and more excited as the time goes by. Next week, we will be going back to the doctor and getting an ultrasound, so Mom and Dad are thrilled. They also have a breastfeeding class to take.

Dad officially got the crib into the room correctly. In case you did not hear the story . . . we put the furniture together in the garage so Dad could do the painting. Well once the painting was done and Dad went to move it all in, well guess what? The crib didn't fit through the door. Needless to say, Dad had to take most of it apart and put it back together in the room. So now Mom was able to make the crib with the bedding that Mamaw and Papaw got us. It really all came together nicely.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Well we would like to start by wishing everyone a Happy and safe 4th of July. We tried to catch the local fireworks from our home but only caught a little last night. Mom and Dad are going to a friend's house today to celebrate on the lake. Tomorrow, they will head to the local Tastefest and Sunday will be to relax.

They continue to both work really hard to prepare for me. Now that the major physical part of the projects is over, Mom is completely on a mission and has well reached her "nesting" stage. We do not think that Dad quite understands the "nesting" thing because he just laughs! After much confusion, Mom has the month of July off of work and dove right in to projects. The first major project was to organize all of the great gifts that they have received from family and friends. Well if you know my mom, you know that she could not stop there. She has to completely begin the organization of my whole room.

Mom spent most of the week working around the house and in my room. She made a lot of progress too. With some guidance from a couple of mom friends, Mom began to put it all together. She organized towels and washclothes, onesies, sleepers, bibs, booties, socks, hats, etc. in bins and by size. She organized outfits in the closet by size. It was kind of fun and very relaxing to be able to really prepare. Now we will just have to fill Dad in on where we put everything.

After a week of organizing, Mom made a lot of progress. The changing table is organized with diapers (in the stacker), wipes and warmer, bath supplies, towels, washclothes, etc. The dresser is organized inside and on top, she put the great lamp, picture frames from some of Mom and Dad's students, and diaper cake my aunt made us. Although Mom knows she will use all these items, she cannot yet bring herself to take apart the diaper cake my aunt made or the diaper wreath my mamaw made. It is decoration for now.

Mom also used my cousins and godbrother's pictures to decorate as well. We think they turned out pretty nice too.

All in all, it is really starting to look great. The only things left to do in my room are: Put up closet rod and panels, Make and put up valances, Paint rocking chair, Get rocking chair cushions, Get Dad to fix crib, Make crib with rainforest bedding set. We are almost there!