Sunday, June 29, 2008

Baby Shower with Mom's Family and More . . .

Well Mom and Dad ended off an interesting week at work (to say the least!) but preparing to make a trip to Ohio, where Mom's family lives. Our first stop was to drop the dogs off at the pet place so that they could get settled for their weekend.

Once we had checked the dogs in and got them settled, we began the trip to Ohio. Although it is only a little over a three hour trip, it sure seemed like a lot longer to Mom and I. Mom was careful about drinking too much and only had to make one stop on the way down. We thought that was pretty good. Mom and Dad got to spend some time with the family before heading to bed to prepare for their big day on Saturday. The whole crew was there: Mamaw and Papaw, Uncles and Aunts and four cousins. What a blast!

On Saturday, the girls went over to prepare for the shower, while the guys stayed at home before coming later at the start of the shower. Mamaw did a wonderful job and as usual, the food was amazing, but she always makes so much! Friends and family were amazing and glad to see Mom and Dad. It was a lot of fun. Check out some of the guests, kids playing, and wonderful gifts we received from the shower . . .

What great people we are surrounded by! Well that was by no means the end of the day . . . since Mamaw and Papaw did not get to celebrate Cousin's 2nd birthday earlier in the month, we all celebrated for him together. Mamaw made a wonderful truck cake, since he is in love with trucks. It was a fun but as you will see, some people had fun, while others napped and relaxed from a long busy day.

All in all, what a wonderful weekend we all had. The SUV was so packed with gifts that Mom and Dad had to unload before Dad could go pick up the dogs this evening. It took a little while to unload and we just piled the gifts in my room until Mom gets a chance to really organize. She cannot wait! It will have to wait a little while though because tomorrow is Mom and Dad's 1st wedding anniversary. With all the busyness with preparing for me and with craziness at work, Mom and Dad are not sure what they will do to celebrate but Mom did lay the wedding cake out to defrost so that they can share that together. They have had a wonderful first year together and wish everyone the same happiness.

Monday, June 23, 2008

32 Weeks and Getting There!

Well I am now officially 32 weeks old! Amazing huh? Mom and Dad continue to work hard on preparing things for me. Well let's be honest, Dad is doing most of the hard work! Mom was at a conference most of the week last week, so Dad capitalized on her absence by nearly completing the painting in my room. Mom came home to quite a surprise, all but one color, DONE! She was certain that she would need to be there to push him along, but he did well!

On Sunday morning, Mom got up to begin breakfast when she noticed that the final stripe had been painted during the night. Now understand, since Mom goes to bed quite a bit earlier than Dad, anything could happen! She doesn't hear anything, she sleeps so well right now. She was thrilled! When Dad awoke, Mom and Dad worked as a team to peel the tape off and see what the final product looked like. We all loved it! It is finally coming to the end. Mom and Dad are having the carpet cleaned this week, and then my furniture will be moved in once we return from Ohio.

Mom attended a baby shower for a friend of hers on Sunday and it is always so great to know someone going through the same thing at the same time. It was fun and her friend is due next month. The theme was duckies and the host had made the CUTEST cookies!

Today, Monday was our 32 week appointment. The doctor assured us that all is well. He did a full exam and said that I am progressing just fine. My size is continuing to grow and I am right on track. He also had a talk with Mom about beginning to prepare for the date when I arrive. Since we only have 8 more weeks, he warned us about travel and making sure that Dad is in town from here on out. The doctor also reminded Mom about drinking plenty of water, after Dad told him about the 2 leg cramps she has had in the middle of the night. Amazing how time flies. Mom continues to feel pretty good but how she is expanding. She is probably really going to surprise people when we all go to Ohio for our shower this weekend.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dad's Day!

Well Mom was indulged with the best for her day last month, so she wanted to be sure to do something nice for Dad. This proved to me more of a challenge than you could imagine. Dad doesn't get into massages, all he enjoys is shoes and clothes, but Mom decided that in doing these projects around the house, he is overloaded with even these. Mom had to try to get creative to make sure Dad did not show her up!

Behind the scene, Mom was working with one of Dad's friends to plan a guys night out. Mom got Dad and a friend tickets to an event that he had been talking about going to for the longest. Since Mom was not a fan of this event herself, she surprised Dad with tickets. They had front row seats too. Since Dad had a night out with friends on Saturday night, we enjoyed a nice brunch on Sunday, Dad's Day, to celebrate together. We joined Mom and Dad's friends and their godson. Mom and Dad's friends say it is really important for Mom and Dad to enjoy as many moments together now as possible. It may change when I join the scene.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Making the Most of Weekend Time

Well Mom and Dad continue to make the most of the extra time that they have in order to get the house prepared . . . My room has begun taking color, first yellow, then green. The next part is to add the stripes at the top of the walls. Once that is complete, Dad is going to clean the room from top to bottom, then my furniture (which is ready in the garage) can be put in place. What a blast!

With much headache and waiting time, our new upstairs furniture finally arrived. I guess we have good taste because we had to wait one month for our color, which was on back order. Then after a month of waiting time, they delivered us the wrong color and we had to send it back to wait some more. Nevertheless, it is here!

On Saturday morning, Mom took Dad to meet up with his 8th graders, who he will be spending the weekend with for their class trip. Once Mom saw him off, she made her way to get the rest of the flowers to complete the backyard beautification project. Dad will be hosting a work BBQ next weekend, so we are trying to get things ready. She also took some time to put together the bassinette their Kindergarten staff got us and bouncey seat that Dad's brother got us. Dad told her to relax but when it is just sitting there and Dad is not around, Mom dove in.

Sunday is for Mom to relax and prepare her mind for the week. She met her friend and her son for lunch and had fun with Mommy talk. Dad will return tomorrow so the painting project will continue . . .

Sunday, June 1, 2008

An Eventful Weekend

Well we all had quite an eventful weekend as we entered the month of June. On Friday night, Mom braved her overwhelming tiredness to go out with the girls for dinner and movie. Dad had a couple guys over the watch the Pistons unfortunately get beat.

On Saturday, bright and early, we had to take one of the dogs to the vet because he had been sick. After breakfast, Mom headed to a Mom to Mom sale to see what she could find. Dad is still working out so he spent much of his morning at the gym. We all spent our Saturday evening together enjoying each other for dinner and relaxing at home.

Before 6am this morning, Dad began painting my room. Mom was shocked to be waken up so early to the sound of a paint sprayer. Dad was priming the room and Mom, well Mom closed the doors and went back to sleep. Dad was working hard all morning on the room and then the yard. Mom got flowers that she spent the afternoon planting to beautify the lawn. After a day of projects, Mom and Dad cleaned up to go to my cousin's 2nd birthday BBQ. It was fun to see him open gifts and get cake all over him. Hopefully by this time next week, we will be able to show you my room!