Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Hospital Tour

Well Mom and Dad had an appointment with the hospital today to view the services and maternity ward. It was kind of exciting, seeing the place I would be born and all! We had a wonderful RN tour guide, who kept us all very well informed. I hope she will be our nurse, I liked her. She started with us in the waiting room, which we were a little concerned with because we all knew that we would easily fill this room with loved ones. After she gave us the start up information, we headed for our first stop, triage. This room was TINY. There can only be two visitors at a time but I am sure that the family will take turns. But she cleared it up when she said that this is only where they test and examine Mom to make sure that she is really in labor, then she can be moved to labor and delivery, where the rooms are much better. In this room, we got to see the fetal monitor, baby warmer, baby crib with supplies, and more good stuff we will need. Here we can have four visitors at a time and Dad gets to stay all night. We even saw the pull out sofa, where I am sure he may spend a lot of his time. The final room that we saw was the postpartum room, which was really updated. It had a bathroom, refridgerator, flat screen television, and even give us a congratulatory meal after my birth.

All in all, it was very informative, the RN told Dad that he got an A for the day because he asked the most questions. Mom was pretty surprised, Dad was the only male there and he asked the most questions. It was good though. She gave us a lot of good information and also some information from her 27 years of experience in the maternity ward here. Dad shot Mom a look when she talked about birth plans and not to get too carried away with them because things do not always go as planned. Dad already knew Mom probably had a 10 pager planned! Actually Mom only was going to hit on the basics but Nurse RN confirmed that this is the best thing to do. It was helpful to walk through the things to come. It should be a wild ride!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

THAT'S My Heartbeat?

Well I think Mom and Dad are excited. The doctor put this little instrument and some cold stuff on Mom's belly to try to hear my heartbeat. At first, I tried to trick them, all I gave them was some static. Then after some moving around, the doctor got it. I think Mom was shocked because it was beating so fast. Dad even stood up to come closer to hear, was it really me?

Everyone is really excited now and I think that it started to sink in with Mom and Dad today. I am beginning to grow because Mom keeps complaining that her pants are TOO TIGHT. She cannot even wear her jeans anymore. I have to grow now Mom, come on! Mamaw and Dad helped her get some new clothes and I have a feeling she may be in them pretty soon. The ultrasound is scheduled for March 3, Mom's birthday. How ironic. I cannot wait until Mom and Dad get their first glimpse of me, they are going to fall in love!