Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Meeting the New Doctor

Well we went for our first official ObGyn appointment this morning with Dr. Sellers. Mom and Dad's family doctor recommended his colleague for our exciting time. They did the routine questioning, taking blood pressure, pelvic exam, etc. Dr. Sellers told Mom that things are progressing well and that she seems to be doing pretty good at this point. I continuing growing in my 9th week but I am still treating Mom pretty well. She is still tired all the time but she is feeding me pretty well and trying to keep me healthy.

Dad tried to take pictures of Mom the whole appointment but Mom understood because he was really excited. He has been really supportive so far, even when Mom gets a little moody. The doctor told Mom and Dad that I am still developing and at the next appointment, they will get to listen to my heartbeat. I know that is going to make them very excited. Then a few weeks after that, they get their first look at me in the ultrasound. Mamaw has been telling Mom that she thinks it would be great if there were two of me in there. So Mom is looking forward to that day. Mom and Dad thought it would be a good idea to start taking pictures to measure the growth of me in Mom's belly. I am sure that they will post some of those soon. Our next appointment is a 4 weeks so keep praying for us!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

From Single to Baby Like That!

Well it is hard to imagine that mom and dad have been married 6 months. What am I saying? It is great they have been married 6 months, being that they were pretty much friends and together for oh let's see, YEARS! Nevertheless, it IS hard to imagine that I am on the way. Yep, you read correctly, a BABY! It is fun and exciting but dad says that mom is a bit overboard with things already. Mom, overboard, NEVER! She is not overboard, just organized, planned, and excited. How could she not be?

According to their records, I am already in the 9th week, but they go to the ObGyn next Tuesday to get the official timeline. Mom and Dad already got the positive test from home and doc. So I am well on my way. Mom has been doing well, just cannot seem to keep her eyes open. Tired all the time. Well at least more tired than normal, as dad would say. No real morning sickness or nausea, I have been taking it pretty easy on her. But I do not mind the sleeping, I enjoy it too.

Stay posted, I cannot wait to give you the update mom and dad get next week.