Wednesday, May 28, 2008

YUCK, That Was Gross!

Well Mom went to the hospital today to have bloodwork and her glucose test. They took bloodwork first, which was not so bad, just had to wait for the results to come back before the next step. After that, Mom had to drink this cola stuff, Dexicola, as they called it, then wait for an hour, and then have bloodwork done again. They are sadly mistaken, that is not a cola! That was gross, and on an empty stomach, it was about all Mom could do to finish it.

After that Mom felt pretty nauseuous, good thing she had just decided to take the day off, instead of only the morning for the tests. She was glad about her decision and so was I because we got to rest the remainder of the day before we all went to our childbirth class (the teacher is a bit of a bore)! We will find out the results at our next appointment, unless there is something we need to know sooner.

THE RESULTS . . . Well the doctor just called Mom this evening to let her know how her results came back. Her sugar was fine but hemoglobin was low so she will now have to take Feosol, iron supplements, for the remainder of the pregnancy. The doctor said he wants to be sure her iron is up for the delivery. Of course, Mom read up on it and it seems it is pretty common in the last stages of pregnancy. She will follow doctor's orders so that all will go well.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Dad's Family Shower

Well we all packed up our things and headed to Indiana for the holiday weekend. Grandma was giving us a shower with the family and friends down there. Once we dropped the dogs off for their weekend getaway, we were on our way. Traveling in the morning was not bad because we were all rested and fed.

Once we got there, we freshened up and got ready for the shower on Saturday evening. Grandma was hosting the shower at her house. We had plenty of guests such as: Aunties on Dad's mom and dad's side, Great Gran, two of my uncles, and several cousins. The food was good, the company was great, and everyone was shocked to see how big Mom's belly had gotten. We got some great gifts as well (crib sheets, pack n play sheets, towels, washcloths, robe, bath set, bath tub and shower, rainforest bouncer, onesies, blankets, bibs, outfits, sleepers, wipes, rainforest high chair); we have begun to get quite prepared for my arrival. Each time we celebrate with a shower or friends, it becomes more real to Mom and Dad.

On Sunday, Mom and Dad went to Dad's aunt's place for Sunday dinner and then we watched the game. Today, it was time to head back to Michigan to prepare for the upcoming week. When Mom and Dad got back to Michigan, we were able to meet Mom's brother and family, who were visiting my new baby cousin, for a late lunch before they headed back to their house. We are thrilled with the love and support that continues to be shed upon us.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

27 Week Appointment

Well Dad and Mom went to their usual appointment with the doctor yesterday and all checked out great. The doctor said that all measurements are right on track and things are still progressing nicely. When the doctor checked my heartbeat, it was simple. As soon as he put the equipment on Mom's belly, we heard it instantly. The doctor said it was beating strong. We are very excited about the progress; Mom's belly continues to grow, because I am growing. I am pretty active right now too while I still have a little room to move. Mom goes next week for blood work and glucose test so we will keep you posted on that.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My First Baby Shower

Well today was my and Mom's first Baby Shower. Mom has some great friends because they made it just perfect. It was held at Mom's favorite restaurant and the theme was circus but this was a surprise to Mom. The tables were decorated with animals, animal crackers, popcorn goodie bags, cotton candy, and other goodies. It was absolutely adorable. One of Mom's friends even taught herself how to make balloon animals so they had those too. Attending were some of Mom's friends, friends of Dad's, and friends from Mom's work. Everyone was so supportive. We got some great gifts as well. These are some of the great things that we got . . .

A duck robe, cute green and white onesies, green and white pants, green and white sleeper, frog toy, diaper bag, sheet saver, receiving blankets, Detroit Tigers onesies, diaper cream and lotion, linking letters, Dr. Brown's bottle set, Pooh pillow and super soft blanket, journal, photo album with scrapbooking stickers, bodysuits, wipes, diapers, gas relief, bath basket full of goodies, I am Special outfit, hooded towels, washclothes, sleepers, white onesies, multi colored onesies, teethers, Johnson's bath gift set, Wal-Mart gift card, bassinette, exersaucer, 5 in 1 activity gym, growth chart with picture frames . . .

WHEW! Mom will have a ball organizing it all once Dad has a chance to go through it all and check things out. Thank you to everyone, who showered us with love, support, and gifts. We love you all!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Cousins . . .

Well I have another cousin and Mom and Dad another niece. My baby cousin was born this morning, 8lbs. and 10 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long. She is a real cutie. Mom and Dad went to see her immediately after work today, they were excited. Her brother is going to make a fine big brother. Mom and Dad had a ball visiting with the new addition, my other cousins, and rest of the family!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pampering Mom

This week was the start of our Childbirth Class. Mom and Dad got the necessary materials required: pillows, bottled water, watch with second hand, and wearing comfortable clothes. In class, we talked about dilation, contractions, anatomy, and relaxation techniques. At the end of class, the instructor taught the dads a massage to do for the moms and then they had to practice. Mom loved that. It can be used in the final trimester with aches and pains and even during early stages of labor. It was definitely relaxing. It was a bit challenging to go to a 2 1/2 hour class after working all day, but we managed.

Dad had been working hard all weekend to organize things and prepare for the painting of my room. Dad told Mom to be prepared for a Brunch reservation at one of her favorite restaurants for Mother's Day, but much to Mom's surprise, when we got to the appointment, it was not brunch at all. Dad surprised Mom with a prenatal massage and belly facial. Mom didn't know this place was even there but in Dad's visits to the gym, he had befriended the owner and got Mom the first appointment. What a great Mother's Day gift! Dad is going to be great because he is already very aware of how to take good care of Mom. It was amazing and since the shop was new and Mom was the first appointment, the news was there to do a story and wanted Mom to be in the story! So many suprises today. The massage was wonderful, one hour of complete bliss. After that, Dad had planned for Mom to also get a belly facial, which is similar to a facial but on the belly, to help prevent stretch marks. Needless to say, Mom was relaxed and I was moving quite a bit too. We both enjoyed it. The owner even sent Mom home with a goodie bag full of creams, designed specifically for pregnant ladies. We have to plan something really nice for Dad for Father's Day! After all that enjoyment, Mom and Dad enjoyed a nice dinner together. It was all a nice break from the projects and cleaning Mom and Dad have been doing. Dad's birthday is coming up on Tuesday, so Mom has a special gift coming for him then.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The End is in Sight!

Well with the "theater room" complete, except for mounting speakers, Mom and Dad began efforts to get the basement back in order. Early Saturday morning, Dad went down and measured out the "shoe closet" that would be added in the basement. Then he went to the gym and Mom to work to supervise workshops. Once they returned, they ate lunch, and got down to business. Since Dad had already cleared the area, they could begin by putting up the brackets to hold the shelving. That is the hard part, once that was done, the shelves went in. Sunday morning, Dad finished the corner shelves, that was another situation completely. That we can now say was the most challenging part. The shelving was complete and as you know Mom is an organizational freak; so she got started on putting shoes away and it began to show some sort of order. We still have to get a few wire shelves to put in the middle under the hanging shelf and move some coats down but basically done.

Since the shoes would soon be out of the way, that meant that Mom and Dad could also begin conceptualizing the family/play room that will replace the basement room. Saturday evening, Mom and Dad went to order the new living room furniture for upstairs, so that the current furniture can be moved downstairs in the family/play room. Once the furniture is moved downstairs, office relocated downstairs, and new furniture delivered, the basement will officially be complete. Once that is done, the next and final, we think, project is to paint my room and move my furniture in. Since the furniture is ready, that means painting should be the hard part. It will all come together nicely, we are all sure. Mom ordered some appliques Friday night so that she can make the window valances that will go in my room. The summer will be for some finishing touches, and I will soon be on my way!