Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Today was my first Halloween and I really enjoyed it. Although I am still a little young to really understand it all, Mom and Dad insisted that I have a costume. Since the one my Aunt S and Uncle De had gotten me a while back was too big, we had gotten a simple one for me to slip on. I liked my costume too because it was really soft.

Since it was such a nice day today, I got to sit outside with Mom and Dad while Mom passed out candy to the kids who stopped by. I loved looking at their costumes. My favorite was the laybug. I was taking notes for my upcoming years of trick or treating! I even got my first Halloween card in the mail from Mamaw and Papaw while I was out there.

I had to take a little nap in the middle of all the fun and when it was all over, I was pretty tuckered out. Mom gave me my bath and dressed me in my Halloween pajamas. That is when I decided it was time to drift off and recooperate.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Activity Center Fun

I am well on my way with moving and grooving! Since I am grabbing at things (especially Mom's hair), kickimg like a wild woman, rolling from back to side, and side to back, Mom and Dad decided I was ready for my activity play center. It had been sitting under my crib so Mom attempted to put it together. When she wasn't doing so good, Dad had to take over and voila, my activity center.

I just love it! I can kick and kick and when I hit one of the things hanging down, the music comes on. I caught on pretty quickly to the trick also. Anytime the music would stop, I would begin kicking until I got my target. Mom and Dad got a "kick" out of watching me too because I was having a ball. And the best part is when I get tired and too big for it at stage 1, it can grow with me! Many fun times are ahead . . .

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Day Out

Yesterday, I got to spend the entire day with my Aunt S and Cousins. Mom got up bright and early to get me up there to visit for the day. I was such a trooper too; I slept the entire way and even a little while once I got there. Aunt S told Mom that the day was great, I loved watching my cousin N run around and play and my cousin S and I played as well. My cousin N was so helpful too because when cousin S and I were watching a Baby Einstein video, he talked us through it so we knew what was going on. What a great cousin! It was a fun day and Aunt S said I was great! Mom and Dad were a little worried because sometimes I do get pretty temperamental but I proved to them that I can handle it.

I had so much fun that I slept good! Last night, I slept 5 hours, got up to eat, and slept for 5 more hours. Of course that thrilled Mom and Dad because they actually got more uninterrupted sleep than they had in quite a while. I even slept great throughout the day today. As Mom types this, I have just nodded off for the night. Maybe I should spend the day with them more often! (Aunt S said she took lots of pictures so we will add those once we get them)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Needy Weekend

This weekend was one in which I have to say, I was very needy. i just wanted to be close to Mom and Dad. Everywhere they went, I wanted to be. Everything they did, I wanted to do. And I just didn't want to miss any time with them, so I only took small cat naps, averaging 20-30 minutes. That was it. I guess you could say it all started on Friday evening. I got my first official piece of mail and well, since I had achieved mail status, I felt like it was time for me to stay awake in case I needed to take care of any pressing business. Once I received that mail, well Mom and Dad laughed, but I changed my outlook on the weekend.

On Saturday, it was no different. I was bigtime now. Even as Mom types, I am kicking the keyboard drawer in and out. Since it was Sweetest Day, Mom and Dad wanted to at least be able to spend some time together. We walked around the mall, which I love because I can look around and I have to admit, I do sleep pretty decent in my stroller. After that we enjoyed an evening out for dinner. Again, I wasn't about to let them enjoy it without hearing from me. Who needs Sweetest Day? I am the Sweetest now!

Sunday was another day that I just had to be in charge. Mom and Dad couldn't seem to be able to put me down. So since they had to get at least a few things accomplished, Mom had the idea to put me in my sling. I don't like my carrier but I was gettimg used to my sling. That darn Mom! Not only was she able to get things done, she managed to get me to sleep more than 30 minutes. Don't tell her but I actually enjoyed the movement and it knocked me right out.

To close off our weekend, I attended a birthday party and who would have thought that I would enjoy the video games the most. Mom thinks it is because of the light and color. I just really liked them and being able to hang out! Now we are all back to our weekly routine. But not me, I am too young to have a routine!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Faking Me Out

Mom and Dad have now begun to what I like to call, "fake me out". Since I was born, I was a cuddler; I loved to cuddle when I am awake and I loved to cuddle really tight to go to sleep. Well I still definitely have my times when I want to cuddle, but now I just do not want to go to sleep. I am enjoying life so much that I refuse to go to sleep. I am eating more, getting my belly full, and I love playing. I do not like to go to sleep, as a matter of fact, I darn right refuse! Mom and Dad got the hint after a couple of "fits" and actually Dad was the genius who figured it out. I was so tired but I was too interested in what Mom and Dad were doing. They continue to tell me that it is not that exciting but a girl just cannot miss out on the fun! Well Dad tried everything, Mom tried everything! Dad was trying to watch Monday Night football so he took a shot at turning me in his lap to join in the fun. Since I couldn't miss out, I joined in. I watched football until I fell asleep. Now Mom and Dad know that I cannot KNOW that they are trying to put me to sleep. Mom will play with me in her lap and after so much fun, I just doze right off. Dad will hold me in his lap and watch television until I just doze right off. I admit, they are "faking me out" right now but I have more changes in store for them!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Under the Weather

After slowly recovering from the trauma and after-effects of my 2 month shots, Mom geve me her cold! Mom has been back to work for a few weeks now and since she works with kids, she brought something home with her last week. She sort of felt it coming on Wednesday but since she had Parent Teacher Conferences, she trudged on! Well that trudging resulting in a mess! She woke up Thursday sicker than ever and Friday was no better. Dad talked her into staying home with us so that she could recover. It was really hard for her to stay away from me but she tried to at least stay out of my face. We thought she did pretty good until I woke up sniffling on Friday morning too! Mom felt horrible but I guess that is what happens when you live in one house. Needless to say, we spend Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in the house. Today, we decided we were going crazy so since it was the first day we felt better, we walked the mall and enjoyed a good burger at a famous burger joint. No just kidding, Mom and Dad enjoyed the burger, I will get there soon! (Oh, in another year or more)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2 Months and Holding . . .

Yesterday I turned 2 months old. As you may have noticed, most of my pictures Mom and Dad take show me having a ball. Well, that is because I am! That is up until yesterday!

Because I turned 2 months, I had to have my doctor's visit. Mom and Dad did not warn me that I would be getting 3 shots. I was just getting used to having to be stripped down to be weighed and measured and now this!!! Dad was the one who took me to my appointment and he did a good job! I love my dad! He cuddled me, comforted me, and kissed me while I had to get my shots. My stats this time were: weight-10 pounds, 11 ounces and height-22 1/2 inches long. That proved to be the easy part this visit. Mamaw warned Mom and Dad to be sure to give me Tylenol once I got my shots because I would be sore. The doctor did too. Dad brought me home from my visit and gave me Tylenol. Everyone claimed that would help but I am not so sure. I had a rough evening! I couldn't get comfortable, I didn't want to eat, and I couldn't sleep so good. Today was even worse! Now I am convinced that the Tylenol doesn't work! I am pretty tired because I cried a lot today and I had to be cuddled. Dad cuddled with me all day while I slept and Mom took over once she got home. I am eating better but boy, am I sore. Who would have thought that a couple of shots would wear me down like this! All I want to do is sleep! I am hoping that by tomorrow, I will be back to my happy self.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My First Time at Mamaw and Papaw's House

This weekend we ventured to spend some time with family. Mom was off on Friday so she got to sleep in before the trip. Mamaw and Papaw were celebrating Homecoming at church plus my aunt, uncle, and cousins were coming too so it was the perfect weekend to make my first official trip to Mamaw and Papaw's house. On the ride down, I slept the entire trip! Yes, all 3 1/2 hours! Once we got there, I played with Mamaw, Papaw, and my cousins in the "playroom". I loved watching my cousins playing.

On Saturday, Mom, Dad, Mamaw, and I went to a new outdoor mall. It was fun because the weather there was so much warmer than where I live. It got a little cooler as the sun went down so I got to wear my new jacket, don't I look adorable??? Once we walked around the mall, I got to check out Mom and Dad's favorite restaurant. Mamaw took them to dinner and I enjoyed the environment. Later that evening, I was so exhausted so I went to sleep for quite awhile.

Today (Sunday), we all went to church. I ate on the way to church so once I got there, Papaw carried me in and I was pretty content. Well that didn't last long because I burped and then spit up. I got embarrassed and started to cry right when the Pastor was praying. Mom took me out and I was ok, I went to sleep! It was great to see all the people that knew my mom when she was my size. They were all very excited, especially my "aunt". It was a fun weekend but I was pretty tuckered out so I did not have as good a trip back but we made it home safely so I am off to bed!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

8 Weeks Old and Loving It!

Today I am 8 weeks old and I am having a blast! We have been having a lot of fun and I am so happy! Mom and Dad like to play with me which makes me smile and even laugh. Mom thinks that I have the cutest laugh-I am such a girl! I am really trying to grow up much too quickly for Mom and Dad's liking. I am lifting and moving my head all over the place, rolling, and even sitting up pretty well with only a little support. What fun!