Monday, April 27, 2009

Lots of Fun

This past weekend, Mom and I ventured to Ohio to visit family and go to the circus. It was the first time that I traveled without both Mom and Dad so we were all unsure of how the trip would go. I did awesome! Mom was so proud. I slept and played all the way to Mamaw and Papaw's house.

Once we got there, we met up with my uncle, aunt, and two cousins. I love seeing them because we have so much fun. The purpose for our visit was to go to the circus that Mamaw had tickets to. We all put on our attire (from Mom's school where she got the tickets) and prepared to get on our way.

The circus was so fun. We got there early to wait in line and take part in the pre-circus activities. I am still a little too young but one of my cousins rode the elephant! How fun! Once the circus started, I had a blast. I loved to watch the lights all around the arena and my favorite act was the trapeze. I did not even blink during that act. It was sure a lot of fun. I had to catch a nap during the circus but once I got that, I was back in business for the second half.

Later that evening, we went to the "playpark" as my cousin calls it. He rode in the car, while my other cousin and I rode in the wagon. When we got there, they had lots of swings, slides, and play equipment, especially for toddlers. Well I may not be a toddler yet but since I had some help, I was able to ride the swing and try out the slide. We have got to find one of these "playparks" at home because it was so much fun.

On the ride back, I did pretty good again . . . UNTIL we almost got home and with about 10 minutes to go, I had it! I had been in that seat long enough. It was all ok when I arrived home and got to see my Daddy, who I missed this weekend.

My return home was quite joyous until I had to get up and go to the doctor this morning for my 9 month appointment. I am a little early but the doctor says that I am a very healthy baby. I had to get one shot and my blood taken. I told those nurses about it though and they knew I was upset with them. Other than that, I am doing alright! My stats today: 17 lbs, 10 oz and 28 inches long.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! Remember what the season is all about! Since I am not quite old enough to know about all of that yet, let me tell you about my Easter basket from Mom and Dad . . . It was pretty cool and I love surprises (and the camera).

This is when I first got my Easter basket today . . . I was pretty excited

I just dug right in . . . and even thought it would be cute to wear it

What happened, it is empty . . .

My straw and sippy cup that I just love already . . . and all my other stuff I dumped out of the basket!

My new duck bathtub that I will try out tonight . . .

What a fun day and a great 1st Easter!

Friday, April 10, 2009

My First Visit to the Zoo

Today was my first visit to the local zoo. I was pretty excited as we walked into the park; I kicked and kicked at my stroller. Mom and Dad thought that I would really enjoy the animals since I love watching our dogs so much. I had a few favorites but Dad says I am just like my mom, I am more of a people watcher. I rolled aroound in my stroller for a while and then Dad put me in my carrier to go back and hit all the spots that we couldn't take the stroller into. My favorites of the day were the penguins and the fish in the large aquarium. I loved watching the penguins jump into the water and swim quickly by us. The fish were just fun because of the colors. Even though it was a little cool and not all the animals were out, we had a great family day out and I look forward to more visits there.

Monday, April 6, 2009

8 Months Old and Having Fun . . .

Today marks my 8th Month here with you all! It has been a great time so far and things just get more and more fun. I am doing a lot and beginning to really show my own personality. These pictures pretty much show how I am! Smiling and having fun!

*Playing with my toys
*Hanging out in my exersaucer
*Playing on the ground
*Eating my sweet potatoes and squash (yes, I prefer them to even the fruits)
*Squealing at my dogs
*Chewing on my remote (mom and dad had to give me an old one that looks just like theirs)
*Playing with Mom and Dad

*Sitting up completely upsupported
*Scooting around my playmat
*Trying to feed myself
*Eating three meals a day and bottles as snacks
*Saying, Da-da, ba-ba, yeah, and hey
*Clapping my hands
*Waving bye bye

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Granny P's Visit

After Mamaw and Papaw left, I was visited by my Granny P. She came to spend some time with me as well as celebrate our Easter together. We enjoyed spending time together and even got our pictures taken together. Granny P got me an Easter dress to get our pictures taken in and despite the runny nose (that I cannot seem to get over), I have to admit, I was pretty cute. It has been sure been nice to have some time to visit with my grandparents.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Visit with Mamaw and Papaw

This past weekend, Mamaw and Papaw came for a visit. They are preparing for a trip over the Easter holiday so they wanted to make sure to visit and get time with me. Since it was our "Easter weekend", I got to open up my first Easter basket. Mamaw is pretty clever though; instead of putting all my goodies in a basket, which I may not use, she put my stuff in a bucket (complete with shovel) so that I can get ready to play outside. It will filled with lots of my favorite baby foods, formula, toys, and other goodies. Mom and Dad even had a small bag of candy hidden inside. It was such a nice time to see them both. I cannot wait until next time . . .