Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Swimming in My Pool

One of my favorite things this summer is swimming in my pool! I absolutely love it. Now, yes, you may have heard that the first couple of times, I wasn't so thrilled but I think that was because the water wasn't as warm as I like it. Once Mom got the temperature thing down and put my bath toys in the pool, I was having a ball. I figured out that I can splash Mom, crawl in the pool, and even stand if I wanted to. I am really loving it now. We even went to Dad's friend house to swim in a really big pool and that was a blast too! I think the pictures will speak for themselves!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lots of Updates . . .

Well, where oh where shall I start . . .

Oh yes, I am standing on my own now. Yes, on my own! I am getting pretty good but I still get nervous that's why I always hold my hands out to make sure I can balance. It is pretty cool because everytime I stand, I get so excited and squeal really, really loud. I still need a finger to hold on to in order to walk though but Mom and Dad are thinking that it is on its way!

Another update . . . still no teeth! Can you believe it? I am 10 months old with no teeth! I can feel them though because I always rub my lips on them, it feels wierd! I have been teething for some time but the Doctor says not to worry! It is becoming challenging to eat more table foods with no teeth! I still eat my baby food, oatmeal, Puffs, bananas, and sometimes soft things Mom and Dad let me try. I am getting a little impatient though truthfully because their food always looks so much better!

On a more positive note, I love my wagon rides. If the weather is permitting, Mom and Dad try to take me every evening. I think that I am a Queen when I ride in my wagon and I just chill back and enjoy the ride. It is really a treat when we walk to get ice cream and Dad lets me try "just a little". Then on the way back, I can't help but think about when I can have my own.

Since the weather has gotten nicer, I have been able to enjoy my pool. I am still not so sure about it though because even though Mom brings my bath toys, the water isn't bath water! It is lukewarm and that's not going to do it! I need WARM water or else! Mom is going to try to warm it more than the past two days and hope I enjoy it even more. Today, my friend came over for a playdate and we got in the pool. It was alright but I had more fun watching him play! Once we came back inside, we ate a snack, and played some more. What a day! Don't tell but literally 10 minutes after he left, I fell asleep and took a long evening nap, unheard of in my house! I cannot wait until next week!

Now that I am able to get around so well, I am into everything! I like to crawl over to my toys and dump them out! ALL OF THEM! It just isn't fun to not be able to have them all out! Wow, what was Mom and Dad thinking by only giving me a few at a time? Geez! Now that I can get them on my own, I want them all. Who cares if I only play with two or three? I just like having them! I am coming a long way and Mom and Dad better be prepared!

Monday, June 8, 2009

10 Months Old

On Saturday, I turned 10 months old and Mom and Dad cannot believe how things are changing. To sum it up, I am into everything!

We had a very busy weekend with family in town for my cousins' birthday party. It was a lot of fun! They got lots of presents and I got to try cake, mostly icing but it was still enjoyable. It is kind of hard to try a lot of new foods because I still haven't gotten any teeth. Yes, 10 months old, and no teeth! Mamaw said that Mom was walking before she got hers and well, since I am about to do that, we all sure hope they pop through soon. Check out some of my 10 month favorites and milestones. . .

*My musical center that my friend Connor gave me
*Standing up
*Squealing as loud and as high as I can
*My baths
*Baby dolls
*Macaroni and cheese, chicken noodle dinners
*Music and dancing
*Being outside

*Eating more food and less bottles
*Sitting up like a pro
*Pulling myself up to stand
*Standing on my own (I am still a bit wobbly but getting better)
*Scooting myself to where I want to go (Still not interested in crawling too much)
*Feeding myself finger foods
*Sitting back up when I fall over

It is such an adventure and I am quite adventurous. Mom and Dad are working on their response techniques so that I continue to try new things. I have freaked them out quite a few times already by trying to dive off of the couch and putting things in my mouth that do not belong. Everyone warned Mom and Dad to enjoy me while I was little and now I think they see why. Do not turn your head or you just don't know what I might do!