Thursday, May 27, 2010

That Time of Year

This has to be my most favorite time of the year! Yes, my allergies bother me, the mosquitoes are out, and it is hot, but that is all worth it. I just love being outside. As soon as Mom pulls up with me from daycare, it is not even an option to go inside. Mom changes clothes, grabs us a snack, and we are heading outside. I have some fun things in the backyard so it is pretty cool. Yesterday, I spent almost 3 hours straight outside. Mom makes sure I get my liquids but I think she and Dad have just come to realize that going inside is going to be a fight. Once I get in and get settled, I am ok of course, but I am just so hurt to have to come inside.

Sunday, I went to hang out with my aunt, uncle, and cousins and played outside at their house. It was so much fun and every evening when I get home, I play outside at my house. Mostly, I like to be on my swing but also like to play (actually throw) in the sand, slide, go for walks and wagon rides. I am having so much fun and cannot wait until Mom is off for the summer so we can get into a lot of activities, all outside of course :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

May is Well Under Way

Well May is getting away from us. It seems like it just turned May and now, it is approaching the Memorial holiday and about to be June. I am really enjoying the nicer weather and hope that the rain will just end already so I can get outside to play more.

We are a bit behind with updating everyone this month but it has been a rough month. I got 4 new teeth and now 2 more are coming in so when that happens, I get a little cranky-cause it kinda hurts! Since last updated you, there has been a lot happening in our family.

1. Mom spent several days in the hospital with a pretty bad kidney infection. Although I really missed Mommy and felt bad, I was able to stay with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins for a couple of days. It was a lot of fun and took my mind off of Mommy.

2. Mother's Day - it was a good thing I gave Mommy her gift early because she was in the hospital that day so I didn't get to celebrate with her. I did come to visit and bring her a balloon later though.

3. Daddy's Birthday - we celebrated Daddy's birthday. I got him a gift card to our favorite ice cream spot so we could enjoy together. Since Mommy was still recovering, Daddy and I got to spend a lot of quality time together so that was really nice too.

4. New bike - I still enjoy my little bike from Mamaw and Papaw but I am getting to be a little tall for it already. I am really growing so Mommy and Daddy (mostly Daddy since it was his idea) went and got me a new bike this week. Daddy had a specific one in mind but I just did not like it. Mommy and Daddy were confused because they thought it would be perfect and I was probably tall enough to ride it. I still just did not like it for some reason. I pushed it away and went to the one that I wanted. They were on sale and it just happened that the one I wanted costed even less! So we went with that one. Now, the problem is that I can reach the pedals but cannot pedal so I will keep working on it. Good thing, I still have my other bike.

5. Doctor with Mommy - Mommy had a check up visit this week with the doctor and I had to go with her since Daddy was working. It wasn't too bad. They all thought I was so cute so they gave me goodies. The doctor even gave me a huge sucker that I ate and ate - and made a gigantic mess with! It helped me get through all the tests and blood they had to do on Mommy. I was a pretty good partner and supported her during her appointment.

We are looking forward to more fun during May as the weather gets nicer and nicer and family is visiting soon for my cousins' birthdays! Hopefully, no more mishaps will keep us from updating you sooner.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

21 Months Old

Well I am now officially closer to 2 years old. Much to my parents dismay, I am already acting much like a two year old. I have begun to hit those "terrible twos" as they call them. Mom and Dad have really had to step up their game with the discipline because I am really working them :)

I am really enjoying this spring weather and absolutely love being outside. If it is nice outside, I come home from school and go right outside to play. Sometimes we even have dinner outside because it is the only way that I will eat. Overall, I am doing alright!

Some of my favorites are: Being outside doing anything, wearing my bike helmet around the house, playing with my baby dolls, putting on Mommy's shoes (especially heels), jumping on the couch, climbing on everything

Some of the new things I can do are: repeat any word you say (watch out!), communicate on the phone, wash myself, sit in my booster seat (I don't like the high chair anymore), and much more!