Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Favorite Things to Do . . .

Well I really enjoy a couple of things already . . . I love having friends and family visit and I adore sleeping. I guess I am truly my mother's child. Dad says we are two of a kind in that we love to sleep and hate to wake up. This week has also still be filled with visitors who are checking on me. On Sunday, Dad's friend came to meet me for the first time, and Mom and Dad's friends and my Godbrother came to visit as well. It was a nice time to enjoy dinner together and get to see friends.

Today, my uncle, aunt, and cousins came over to bring us dinner. Since Mom is still not yet 100%, it was so thoughtful that they would do that! It is always fun to be with family. My cousins love to visit with me but my boy cousin is very interested in me. I guess since he has a little sister, he understands what is like to be a big brother and now cousin. We also talked to my other uncle in Ohio and my cousin said hi to me as well. It is kind of funny to hear Mom and Dad talk about it now because he doesn't ask about them anymore. Only ME!

Even though I love visiting with friends and family, I love sleeping, especially after a busy day. Mom and Dad laugh because they say that the more uncomfortable my position looks, the better I sleep. I am pretty good at it too! I even have a protector, besides Mom and Dad; the dog loves to sit by me and make sure I am ok. Once I get to sleep, I am so peaceful but sometimes I like to fight going to sleep. A girl doesn't want to miss anything you know???

Friday, August 22, 2008

My First Picture Appointment and My First Real Outing . . .

Well today I had some newborn pictures taken and it wasn't so bad. I did get kind of hungry after the photographer took my picture, so Dad had to feed me some of my bottle so that she could get shots of me with Mom and Dad. Once I had some food in my belly, we continued the session with Mom and Dad this time. The pictures turned out pretty good but I think mine were much cuter! It was our first real family outing since I have been home.

Mom is still struggling to recover and get her strength back but we all braved the heat and had a nice time. Since my pictures were at one of the malls nearby, we were able to walk around a little after my pictures. Who am I kidding? I slept in my carrier and stroller while Mom and Dad walked and had lunch. I think that I faired better than Mom though because she was pretty beat after only half the mall but Dad and I were understanding and we packed up to go home. It was a nice outing and I cannot wait until we have more!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Week 2 Doctor's Appointment

Ok, I officially do not like going to the doctor. Every time that I go, the first thing they say is, "Ok Mom, we need her clothes off to the diaper". That is when I really begin to cry. I did really great today but I just don't like it. We didn't have to wait long to get in and I was pretty relaxed while I waited. Once Mom got me undressed and weighed, she helped me calm down and cuddled with me. My weight is improving and I am basically back to my birth weight!!! Today, I was 7 pounds 10 ounces so I am well on my way. The doctor answered all of Mom's questions and checked me out. This of course tuckered me out so I had to come home and crash in my bassinette. I know this doesn't look comfortable but no matter how many times Mom or Dad position me, this is how I like to sleep.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Follow Up at the Doctor

Yesterday, I had a follow up appointment at my pediatrician's office. I did not have to see the doctor but I did have to have a weight check. The doctor wanted to monitor me because I keep losing a few ounces each time she sees me. When I was born I was 21.5 inches long and weighed 7 pounds 10.5 ounces. When I left the hospital, I had lost a few ounces, as expected, and was down to 7 pounds 4 ounces. Since most newborns lose a little weight after birth, they were not too concerned. On Monday, I weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces so they began to get concerned. Yesterday, I am pleased to announce that I put on 4 ounces, I am up to 7 pounds 6 ounces. I am eating well and working to get back to my birth weight as soon as possible.

Once I got home from the doctor, I was tuckered out. I really hate that they have to take all my clothes off, even my diaper, to weigh me. I wasn't real happy about that but Mom and Dad consoled me so I would not get too worked up. I still needed a nap when I got home though.

Mom, Dad, and I are still learning each other's routines and now that Mamaw left today, that is going to really be a test. Mom and Dad hope that they will manage but I am sure that they will do just fine. We are really enjoying each other so far.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My First Bath (Sort of . . .)

Last night I had a pretty good night but I did have a few spit ups so definitely was in need of a bath. Mom and Dad have been wiping me down each day but today, we did as close to a bath as we could. Since my cord stub has not fallen off yet, I cannot officially have a bath but Mom and Mamaw did what they could to give me a "bath". Mamaw is pretty good at baths so Mom let her show her the ropes. I did not like it at the start because it was cold and my clothes were off. Once Mom put my towel on me and kept me wrapped in it, I did not mind it so much. It actually felt good once they finished. I felt so relaxed that I took a long nap. I am learning to get used to those "baths" and diaper changes but I am still not totally sure how I feel about them.

I am a pretty good napper. I like to nap on my side or my stomach when someone is holding me. When I sleep in my bassinette, I sleep on my incline positioner Dad got me. But when someone is holding me, I sleep on my hands, just like my Dad does when he sleeps. I go to the doctor tomorrow for a weight check so I will let you know how that goes tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My First Doctor's Appointment

Yesterday was my first doctor's appointment and it went pretty well. Mom got me prepared in my first real outfit for my appointment. Dad picked out the outfit so we had to be sure that I looked my best to meet him at the doctor's office. Once I got ready, we were off. I handled the car ride with great poise, I slept! Once we got there we waited a while.

I really liked my nurse, she was really great. The only thing I didn't like was when she had to take all my clothes off because I really liked my outfit. After that though, I handled myself well and the doctor checked me out too. All was well with my appointment but Mom has to take me back to the doctor on Friday for a weight check. I lost a couple of ounces so need to be monitored. I have been eating good so I am sure that I will pick up some weight.

Dad went back to work yesterday so when we got home from the doctor, we napped together. Good thing because Mom was not doing so well. Mom had been having a low grade fever since we came home from the hospital. She was working so hard to be sure that she took great care of me that she let her fever go. Mamaw and Dad really got on Mom and insisted that she go to the emergency room because the fever and chills had persisted for 3 days now. Mom and Dad were gone a long time so it was a good thing that Mamaw and Granny were still here to take care of me. They returned early this morning and had to sleep but when they woke up, I was so happy to see them. I really missed them.

I am really growing and changing each day. Dad thinks that my face is filling out. I have really matured too. I can sleep in my bassinette now, chill in my bouncy seat (when Mom and Dad actually put me down), and am learning tolerate my diaper changes. What a difference a few days make!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm Here!

With much surprise, I made my grand appearance on Wednesday, August 6, 2008. Mom woke up on Wednesday morning and she thought her water had broke. But since it was only a trickle here and there, Mom wasn't sure. Mom alerted Dad that maybe it was her water but Mom just wasn't sure. She went to work that morning and figured that she would call the doctor from work to ask some questions. Once Mom got in contact with the doctor's office, the nurse said it was detrimental to get to the hospital because it did sound that Mom's water had broke. Mom called Dad to tell him she was coming to get him, get the bags ready, we were going to the hospital. Once Mom got to Dad, Dad was getting all the bags for the car and we were off.

As soon as we got to the hospital, Mom got into the triage room where the OBGyn on call checked her out. It was official! Her water had broken and I was going to be born that day! Since Mom thought that her water had broken at 7:30am that morning, the doctor told her that I needed to be delivered within 18 hours. Since Mom was only 1 cm dialated, she had a ways to go. I was still sitting up pretty high in Mom's belly so they started her on the IV and then the pitocin drip. All was well and I was on my way.

As the day progressed, Mom was moved to labor and delivery with her pitocin drip. Dad was awesome at keeping everyone informed so that the grandparents could have time to travel up for the birth. In labor and delivery, things progressed slowly and at 3:00pm, Mom was still only 1 cm but the contractions begin to wear her down. She stayed calm but was in a lot of pain. At 4:30pm, the doctor came in for another check and it was the time she had been waiting for-she was 4 cm dialated and she could now get the epidural. Once that was ordered, the doctor came to administer it and we were on our way.

By 8:30pm that evening, Mom was 8 cm dialated, which meant I was coming in a few hours. At about 10:30pm, Mom started pushing with the nurse and Dad while our doctor got ready. Once our doctor got there, we did more pushing and I officially made my entrance into this world at 11:02pm. Mom was happy, both Granny and Mamaw were grinning from ear to ear, and Dad was snapping pictures right and left. Dad was a great coach! He and Mom made a great team, the doctor complimented how it was one of the smoothest deliveries he had made with a couple. We worked together and supported one another.

While the nurses and pediatrician worked with me, Mom was working to complete the final stage but the placenta just wouldn't come out. The doctors worked on Mom for about 30 minutes after to deliver the placenta, which eventually came out. Mom lost a lot of blood so that doctors had to keep a very close eye on her while we stayed in the hospital. I was here!

During our stay in the hospital, I ate, slept, pooped, and got checked out. All was well with me and Mom was seeming to check out ok too. On Friday afternoon, we got discharged to go home with directions to bring me back to see my pediatrician on Monday. Mom got directions to take care of herself because her hemoglobin had dropped both days in the hospital and the doctors were concerned.

Once we got home, it was such a joy! I was more comfortable and so were Mom and Dad. I like my room and it is easy feeding in there. Mom and Dad are definitely transitioning but family has been amazingly helpful in my first days of life. I have a great set of lungs and I can scream! I am truly a girl, they say I squeal like my mom did. Mom and Dad are partial but they say I am BEAUTIFUL! So far, I really love my home, am eating well, peeing and pooping well, and making my transition. But I don't like having my diaper changed and am a little gassy. Mom just thinks I am trying to work those fluids out. Mom and Dad apologize that they are so behind with getting pictures to everyone but they are enjoying me, sharing me with family and friends, and getting used the the fact that they are parents! I will keep you updated because I am thrilled to be here!