Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Still Growing. . .

Today we had our 24 week appointment and all is still well. Mom thought that she was supposed to have her glucose test but the doctor decided to do it in 3 weeks. Dad was happy because after less 5 minutes, we were in the room (not like the hour it took last time of waiting in the waiting room). The doctor checked my heartbeat and I am still going strong. The heartbeat sounded good and Mom and Dad always love hearing it. The doctor also checked Mom's uterus and everything is right where it should be. The books all say that Mom's uterus is about the size of a soccer ball. Dad thinks that is not true, but Mom tells him it has to be with the way she goes to the restroom every half an hour. All in all, we got a good report, I am still growing and my heart is beating strong.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Will the Projects Ever End?

Well this weekend, Dad took some time to visit his family in Indiana and Mom's family was up in town, so she was able to visit with them. They didn't get here until late Friday evening so we spent Saturday with them. Mom's brother was putting in flooring so we took my aunt, cousin, and Mamaw and went to a Mom to Mom sale. It was a lot of fun but so much of the stuff is clearly boy or girl. Anything yellow, green, or orange, it is! I will be a huge surprise for everyone!

The contractor working on the basement project is almost done but it is amazing how they carry out the process. It could have been done so that Mom and Dad could make more of their week off but he is "piddling" as Mom calls it. My uncle came over on Sunday and he was able to help Dad move the TV, stand, and video equipment into the new "theater room". So there is some preogress, but the final product we are sure will look great. We have to get the recliners and couch in to go on the podiums, then we will be more complete. Dad is getting excited to have his own space.

Mom and Dad worked today to clear out part of my room but the only thing now is to get Dad to organize his clothes and shoes to move them out. Then, we will be on the move again. Mom and Dad did purchase the paint for my room and we are all getting very excited for each project to get finished. Once the "theater room" is set, next is to build the "shoe room" downstairs, and complete and prepare my room. It seems like one project leads to the next but in a couple of months, you will be impressed with the progress!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tagged? Huh?

Ok, so Mom has been tagged! She is not really sure how it works but here it goes . . .

Here's how this one works...1. The rules are posted at the beginning. 2. Each player answers the questions about themselves. 3. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and ask them to read your blog.

1. What I was doing 10 years ago:
Well almost exactly 10 years ago, Mom was graduating from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Education, major in Language and Theater Arts, minor in Social Sciences. She was about to begin her big hunt for her first "career" job in the field of education. Mom was working at Eddie Bauer to make some money to hold her over until her first job and insurance kicked in.

2. Five things on my to do list for today:
Ok, Mom is off this week so this list could seem a bit silly but she is getting things set for me!
1. Make a long overdue hair appointment.
2. Clean household blinds (whew, what a chore!)
3. Go to Dollar store to pick up a few items.
4. Help Dad clean out "red room" as they used to call it, now know as the "baby" room.
5. Go to Home Depot for landscaping items to begin yet another project.

3.Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
First things first . . . Mom would invest as much as possible so taht everyone in the family was set for life. She would definitely make sure that Mamaw and Papaw retired and could visit the kids and grandkids whenever they wanted, in their town car with chauffer. Mom would have to get that silver convertible Mercedes she dreams about and Dad, well I am sure he would want as many electronics as possible. Finally, the only other thing to think of is . . . Mom would love to start her very own school with the mission in mind to educate all children.

4. Three of my bad habits:
Only three??????
1. Mom definitely agrees with her friend who tagged her . . . Not keeping in touch with friends the way she wish she would.
2. Being overly anal.
3. Wanting to do everything for herself.

5. Five places I have lived:
1. Springboro, Ohio - 1 address
2. Ypsilanti, Michigan- 2 dorm addresses and 1 apartment address
3. Ann Arbor, Michigan - 1 apartment
4. Farmington Hills, Michigan - 2 apartments
5. Redford, Michigan - current home

6. Five jobs I have had:
1. Cashier and ice cream dipper at United Dairy Farmers
2. Childcare provider-Kindercare Learning Centers
3. Resident Advisor-Eastern Michigan University
4. Teacher (several grade levels, Kindergarten was her favorite!)
5. Assistant Principal-She loves it!

Five People I Want to Know More About:
Ok, this is new to Mom so we hope you all do not mind . . . it is always great to share among friends . . . So Lil Suga and Lil Man's mom, Babee makes five mom, Wiard mom-you all are tagged! You are the only ones we know with blogs. We cannot wait to hear all about you.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Week Off, or Is It?

With the unbelievably warm weather, and unpredictable as well, Dad took advantage and began putting my bedroom furniture together. For those of you who think we are just so ahead of the game, this was a gift from Grandma so it has just been waiting to be put together. It is all a big process but an exciting one at that. Dad completed the crib on Sunday and then we enjoyed a nice BBQ outside with a couple of friends.

Monday morning after breakfast, Mom and Dad got back to work. They made a stop at Home Depot for Dad to get a tool he needed to cut stuff down for the "theater room". After that, Dad got pulled away for an emergency meeting at the school. Mom decided that she would try to pick up where he had left off. She was pretty successful too, she finished my dresser and changing table. You know Mom, she has to keep busy. The dogs watched on and enjoyed the weather as well.

Mom and Dad have a much deserved week off this week, for Spring Break, so their hopes are to begin putting the house back together. With the basement project coming to an end and my room beginning, things are a mess around the house. It is driving Mom crazy because things are just cluttered, but as they say, "it is going to look worse, before it looks better". Well Mom understands the comment, but sure does not like the process. She completed the laundry room organization since it is complete and Dad is working to cut some things down to begin putting the "theater room" in the new room in the basement. This will allow us to yet again start another project; the family room downstairs. We had one when we first moved in but Dad had his heart set on a "theater room" so Mom compromised. Now, it has to be transformed again back to a family/play room. Small steps, I guess.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Getting Started!

Well Mom and Dad had another busy weekend. After surviving one of the craziest, busiest, and most draining weeks ever at work, Mom and Dad embarked on yet another adventure. On Saturday, we did lots of errands and even got a chance to meet up with my uncle, aunt, cousin, and cousin on the way. Mom's brother, my uncle, told Mom of a great place where Mom and Dad could get the closet organizers they planned to use for a cheap price, with the proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity. Mom and Dad jumped on that opportunity and were able to get almost all the pieces for over half of what they would paid at the big hardware stores. After being successful in getting their parts, they took some much needed rest and family time. Mom, Dad, my uncle, aunt, and cousin(s), all went out to eat at a great kid-friendly restaurant. My cousin had a ball-with his crayons and car that they gave him. He is crazy about cars and mostly trucks. After thanking the family for the tip on the spot for the materials, Mom and Dad were again on their way.

Sunday morning bright and early, (yes, Mom got up early), Mom and Dad got started on my closet. Living in an older home, the closets are not as large as needed so Mom and Dad have put closet organizers in the house closets to maximize space. Today, it was my closet. The first task was to clean out the closet. Wow, that was a chore. Dad has closet space everywhere. You read correctly, not Mom, Dad! After that feat was accomplished, Dad began measuring for the parts. Mom and Dad both worked on the project since there was no lifting involved. The final product turned out pretty nice. Mom was excited to put some things in there to see how it looks. She still has to wash everything before I get here but Dad won't let her do that, he said it is too early and she is being a bit overzealous. Our next project is to move everything out of the room so that painting can start taking place. We will see when we can get Dad motivated to do that!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Baby Faire

Today, Mom, Dad and two of their couple friends, went to the local Baby Faire that was in town. We had a good time. We walked around to see the items that they had for display. Mom and Dad saw most of my theme throughout the room. Since they are using the rainforest theme, the show had the entire line, plus a really cool backdrop. Now if they could only paint that, I would have the best room around! But Dad already has a great plan for the room so I am sure it will look even better! Mom found a great book called, "All About Baby" which she will use to keep track of all of my important milestones.

My godbrother joined us for the Baby Faire and then we all went to lunch. We enjoyed catching up. Mom really enjoyed seeing her friend who is also pregnant with a baby and due a month after I am. Thay all try to look out for one another so I cannot wait until all the babies get to hang out too. Right now, it is only my godbrother, but pretty soon, I will be here and my friend who is due a month after me. Dad is getting pretty good with the kids and I think he is excited.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

5 Month Doctor's Appointment

Well we all went for our 5 month appointment with the doctor last night and he said that all looks good. Mom and Dad were a little frustrated about having to wait so long in the waiting room before getting the see the doctor, but it was all worthwhile once we saw him. He checked Mom's belly and said that I am right at her belly button. Mom already knew that though because she has started feeling some movement. At least she thinks so, since it is her first, she isn't sure but I am moving around more and more inside her. Mom had also had some bloodwork done a couple of weeks ago, due to her age. One set of tests was a Quad test, where they check for spinal abnormalities, down syndrome, etc. The doctor said that things were good and all tests were fine. Then the doctor listened to my heartbeat some more and my heart is still beating quickly. It is always nice to see the smile on Mom and Dad's faces when they hear my heartbeat. The doctor confirmed that I am between 20-21 weeks old and getting longer. Me and Mom look a little something like this. . .

This was also a week when many people noticed Mom's belly. It has become almost impossible to wear normal clothes so Mom just bit the bullet and packed away several clothes, to make room for the maternity clothes. It was time! Even some of Mom and Dad's students have begun to ask, "are you having a baby?" So Mom has begun to tell them yes. At least they do not tell her she is fat! A couple of girls even came to Mom to tell on some other students for saying that she is having a baby. Mom told them that she is and they were all excited. All they had to do was ask!

Other than that, Mom and Dad are fine. They have some work to do tonight to clean out the garage and store away some things while the new room gets added downstairs. Once that is done, they can start putting the furniture together and getting my room together. They went to Home Depot and got paint color ideas last night. Papaw may come up to help Dad with the furniture and painting, since Mom isn't going to be much help. We will see. It gets more and more exciting each day, as I come closer to being a part of your world!