Monday, January 18, 2010

Back in Action . . . But Slowly

This is a picture from my last day in the hospital on Saturday and I was looking the best I had in about a week, but still pretty rough huh? I am slowly making my way back into the action and fun that I love to have. But the last week was a whole lot of action but absolutely, positively, NO fun at all!

To bring you up to date . . . On last Tuesday, Mom and Dad took me to the doctor because I woke up with a fever and just not feeling good. I was irritable and just wanted to be left alone. The doctor said that I had flu-like symptoms and put me on two antibiotics and ear drops. The problem was that I would not eat or drink and definitely wouldn't take any medicine, therefore, I was not getting any better. This was actually causing me to get worse by the hour. Mom and Dad tried every way possible to get me to eat or drink or take my medicine all day Tuesday and even Wednesday morning. When they still couldn't get anything down me on Wednesday morning, we all kind of knew what was coming next. Mom called the doctor's office and talked to a nurse but we had already tried everything she suggested. The doctor told us we needed to go to the Emergency Room immediately. So that is exactly what we did. Mom packed a bag of everything we might need, from a change of clothes, to dolls, to my portable DVD player with movies.

Once I got to the ER, they quickly wanted to poke me. It was the most horrible experience ever! It took four different people to try to get a vein to get that IV in. We all knew I needed it to get some blood for tests as well as just get some liquids in my system. After many attempts, screams, and crying from both me and Mom, the IV was in and the liquids had begun. All I wanted to do was to sleep, I was so drained. When the tests came back, it showed that my white blood count was up sky high and the doctor was a bit freaked out. He said that it was going to be at least two days for me to stay because they had to see my blood levels come down.

After several hours, they finally moved me to my room in Pediatrics section of the hospital. Although this was a little better than the ER, I still did not enjoy it. That evening, they came for more blood, this time cultures. I guess that we are glad that they did these, even though it hurt, because they found out the real problem-I had a strep infection that had gotten into my bloodstream and was pretty bad off. At this point, Mom and Dad just wanted me to get better. Mamaw "flew" up that evening to help out and comfort me and Mom and Dad. It was a huge surprise for me to see her and I perked up for the first time that night.

They continued the IV liquids and now added an antibiotic to attack the infection. After four days of many pokes, temperature checks, antibiotics, liquids, and checks, I was able to come home. I had two bottles that day and that was the best since Tuesday morning. I was so happy to get that IV out of my arm. Mom, Dad, and Granny were there to support me and it did hurt, but it was a good hurt. The doctor sent me home with antibiotics and we were instructed to come back for a check-up on Tuesday.

That is the VERY condensed version but I am happy to report that every day, I am feeling a little bit better. I have been taking my medicine (I think MOm is slipping it in my food and drinks to be sure after this scare) and eating a little at a time. Today, I even had half a piece of pizza so I think my appetite must be coming back. I am still pretty weak and tired but I have to say that being home is helping. I am a cuddler and like to fall asleep with Mom or Dad now but I think they probably don't mind considering all I have been through lately.

I have my doctor's check-up tomorrow to follow-up on how I am improving. We will certainly keep you posted but I know it will be good news. Everyone was great and I had a lot of support.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Still sick . . .

Wouldn't you know it? I am still sick. I am feeling better but still have quite a cough and runny (I mean waterfall) runny nose! I have been giving Mom and Dad a super hard time taking my medicine and gag as soon as it touches my tongue. They tried explaining to me that I am not going to get better soon if I do not take it, but I guess they forgot they are dealing with a one year old. And a very head strong one year old at that! So today, Dad rearranged some things and worked it out so that I could stay home one more day and try to get over my cold. I am doing better, the cough is better but just waiting for this runny nose to go away. While I was out for the day, I thought I might get some work done . . .

(more like Dad was trying and I took over when he walked away-as you can see, I don't look so hot!)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

We had RSVP'ed, I had the cutest outfit to wear, and was ready to enjoy NYE at a family friendly party with Mom and Dad! Until ... I woke up Thursday morning with a cough and runny nose. I had been fine but as the day went on, it became clear to us all that I was not getting better! So a change of plans ... NYE with Mom and Dad, some pizza and movies! It's ok though cause I loved being in my pajamas! I got to stay home play, play, play, and watch the snow! Not too bad. Today, it is cheering The Ohio State University football team on to a win so we will have fun in our house :)

We all also made our resolutions and here are mine:

1. Ditch the bottle! (I know, I know, it's only in morning and before I go to bed)
2. Lose the pacifier (I'm only using it when I'm sleepy)
3. Learn to potty (I already can say when I go)

Happy New Year and make it the best! Lots of love. . .