Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break . . . Sort of!

Last week was Spring Break and even though it wasn't really MY Spring Break, I got to have fun with Mom and Dad since Mom was off all week. It was a pretty fun week and when Mom dropped me off at daycare today, I cried. I enjoyed my time with them so much that I was not ready to go back, just like Mom and Dad were not ready to go back to work.

After such a busy and exciting Easter holiday, we took a break on Monday and all relaxed. On Tuesday, we had a playdate with my cousins to go to the zoo. It was supposed to be such a nice day, with highs in the 70s but when we got to the zoo, it seemed that we had watched the wrong weather broadcast. It was not sunny and wasn't very warm at all. BUT, the fun part was that I got to hang out with my cousins and aunt. We had a lot of fun looking at the animals, walking around, eating lunch and snacks together, and walking through the zoo. A lot of the animals were even out moving around. It was a good thing we got to see some because when we were about to go see the prairie dogs, the staff warned us to take shelter because a storm was coming and they were putting the animals away. We thought about taking shelter in the penguin area but just decided to make a run for it. We made it in the knick of time because it began to pour when we pulled out.

After a nice long nap with Mom, we ventured out to one of the local malls. It is a small mall, so I am able to walk around and even play in their play area. They are a small mall so they just recently added their play area, and I love it! It is not crowded during the week, so I am able to be crazy and have a lot of fun, as you can see.

Because it was rainy most of the week, I tried to play outside as much as possible but usually only later in the evenings was when it cleared up. Because of all the rain, I made some playdates to have my own fun inside. Later in the week, we met up with my friend and his Mommy at a great play place. We had so much fun that neither of us wanted to leave. I just HAVE to have one of these loungers for my "big girl" room. It was fun to spend time with him because he is only 5 days older than me. It was a blast and I cannot wait to get together again soon.

As the weekend started, we already had plans with my Godbrother. We went to brunch then over to the fruit and veggie market to stock up for the coming week. After the market, we went to a flea market that was new to the area. We didn't buy anything but my Godbrother and I sure did have fun running around and playing with these balloons. Later that evening, Dad took Mom and I to the mall and dinner. What a great way to end the day!

Yesterday, I slept in SOOOOO late. I did not get up until 10:30am. Wow, it felt good. I guess playing so much had me tired. Once I got up and going, I got a great surprise! Mom got home from the grocery and had a new golf set for me. Mom and Dad tried to teach me the "correct" way to use it but I didn't want to play golf yet so I just carried my club and ball around all day, literally. We all went on a wagon ride to the park and I played on the playscape but mostly stayed on the swing. It is my favorite thing at the park. After the park, we went for ice cream and wow, did I make a mess! I was loving that ice cream but I put up quite a fight for Mom and Dad when we were all done. I did not want to leave!

I had so much fun yesterday, I guess I got a little delusional because last night, I was a mess! I was doing things that were just crazy and Mom and Dad kept getting on me about it but I guess I am a little hard-headed and had to find out for myself. I love to climb and pretty much am not afraid of anything (well, except boys and men). I climb on chairs, the couch, my toys, everything! I have this new thing now where I stand in my baby's stroller and jump around. After getting in trouble for standing in it once, I thought I had to try again, maybe Mom and Dad would not notice? Just as I climbed up, BOOM! I fell, face first! It was my first major crash and was bloody and everything! It was pretty scary and I cried for a while. Mom and Dad were pretty worried that I would wake up with a fat lip but this morning, I had a few scrapes on my cheek and above my lip. Other than that, I was ok.

It is back to our normal activities now but we will enjoy it anyway! Maybe I will actually get to play outside more this week. I cannot wait until it actually STAYS warm! Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Fun

This weekend was a lot of fun! It all started on Friday when I got up early to go have breakfast with the Easter bunny. I met my buddy there and the fun got started. We got to do our Easter egg hunt first and I was pretty good at that. Once Mom showed me how to get started, I was off. I collected my eggs and got to trade them in for a purple stuffed bunny as my prize.

After that, we got to have our pancake breakfast and decorate our cookie. It sure was a lot of fun. The bad part was that when I gave the Easter bunny a hug, Mom didn't get the picture and I would not go back to let her get it. Oh well, it was still a lot of fun. When we got home, I was so excited because Mamaw and Papaw had come to visit.

After hanging out with Mamaw and Papaw that evening, we all got some sleep to prepare for our day on Saturday. We had plans to go to the zoo for a special Easter event as well. But when we got there, there were so many people, they had closed the entrances until later because they were too full. We were so disappointed because we were meeting my cousins there. Since we had already planned to come back to my house afterwards, we left the zoo and came home. Once we got home, we ate and Mom had planned an Easter egg hunt. It was so much fun with my cousins. There was even goodies inside the eggs we found.

After that, I got to open up my Easter basket from Mamaw and Papaw. It was full of great stuff as always! Once my cousins had left, I kept the Easter egg hunt late into the night. Mom and Mamaw kept hiding them around the house so I could have more fun.

This morning, we got up for breakfast and Mamaw and Papaw had to head home. I was so sad! I got to open up my basket from Mom and Dad which had lots of stuffed animals in it. Dad took me to some friends for dinner and I got yet another basket full of fun stuff. It was so much fun and I am sure I will crash tonight. I just hope that everyone else out there got to enjoy family and friends and celebrate the holiday as wonderfully as I did! Happy Easter.