Sunday, March 30, 2008

Out on the Town!

After working for a while Saturday morning, Mom met up with her friend for lunch and a little shopping. She has a son only a little less than 7 months, so it is always fun to talk babies. We all had lunch and then went shopping to of course, look for baby stuff! Mom found a couple of cute items at Target to go with the theme of my room, rainforest. Mom's friend is very helpful, she already gave Mom two bags of maternity clothes and today, she brought more. So helpful! She gives really good mommy tips too. Mom has to get the book, "The Baby Whisperer", her friend says it is the best! Mom and Dad think it is really important to stay in touch with as many of their friends as possible. I need some playmates too so it is important for me too. They have some great friends.

Today, Mom and Dad went to a Mom to Mom sale that was pretty crazy. This place was packed! I guess I understand, moms can get a lot of great stuff for babies and much of it is in the package or not even used. Today, Mom and Dad found me some bibs and a couple of hats. They are having a lot of fun preparing for my arrival. They also discussed the preparations that need done before our contractor starts adding a room downstairs. He starts it on Friday, so there will be some changes by the time I get here!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend!

Well we made a couple of stops for the Easter holiday weekend. Our first stop was to visit Mamaw, Papaw, and the cousins in Mom's family. They are spoiling me already! I got my own Easter basket with cute onesies, a book, and a dinner set from Mamaw and Papaw. We had a lot of fun. My cousins are getting really big. I gave them each a little something for Easter and we think that they liked it. Of course, the boys love playing with cars, so we got one Tonka trucks and the other Diego cars. Those boys sure are funny, but they have a lot of fun together. I cannot wait to join the family.

Our second stop was to Grandma's house. On Easter morning we all went to church so Grandma was pleased to have family home to go to the Easter services. Mom had trouble with clothes that morning but had brought a couple of dresses that she hoped would work. After church, the family on Dad's side went to a late Easter lunch. It was good to get everyone together. I got to see the aunties, uncle, great granny, and cousins.

We are all back home today and preparing for the new week. We had a great holiday and I still cannot believe that I got an Easter basket! I am still growing in my 19th week and everyone is getting more and more excited as the time passes.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Registering for Class

Well tonight, we are going to register for our Childbirth Class (starting in May). You may think it is kind of early but since Mom and Dad want to do a couple of pertinent classes, we are going to get started soon. We are registering early because they say the classes fill up really quickly. It will be at our hospital and we are kind of looking forward to it. It doesn't start until May but after that class, we are going to take a breastfeeding class in June and baby care class in July. I am sure that Mom and Dad will already know some of the information, but if you know my Mom and Dad, you know that they are super planners and organizers so want to be prepared. If we get all classes finished by July, then when I am expected in August, they will be completely prepared. Should be fun for them!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Mom keeps up her "Pregnancy Journal" each week. It is kind of cool because she can have a place to put information she reads, hears, or finds online. It has a week by week journal page, as well as other sections for preparing for baby and classes. Mom is very organized so she loves having a place to keep all information. She puts pictures in it too. Thanks to my aunt who got us the book, we are able to keep track of how Mom feels, how I am growing, weight gain, and doctor appointments. It is also a place for us to keep our call list, doctor's information, and insurance information when the big take comes. Mom enjoys keeping track of things and it will help her to remember how things were along the way since her "down time" is very limited.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What is Going On?

Well Mom and I are home today and staying in bed. Mom has not been feeling well since last week but tried to plug on. You all know how she can be sometimes, a little stubborn. Well her body had other plans. She relaxed all weekend and got lots of sleep but after work yesterday, she was under the weather again. I think it is hard because all Mom can take is Tylendol and Sudafed which have not kicked this cold (or whatever it is) yet. She is doing her best to take care of me so she gave in today and just stayed home. We slept in really late and now Mom just decided to stay in bed, reading, checking email, but definitely laying low. I guess she never knew what a toll I would take on her body! She has been pretty healthy otherwise, but wow, can she sleep!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

18 Weeks Old!

Well I am 18 weeks old now and I know it may seem hard to believe. Mom and Dad are still doing well, Dad better than Mom. Mom had a rough week, I think she caught some kind of cold, maybe because the weather decided to finally get warmer. Who really knows? Dad says it is hard to keep up with her ailments but he still takes good care of her anyway.

I went for my first walks with my dogs this weekend. Even though they do not know me yet, it was kind of fun to all go walking as a family. I have been draining a lot out of Mom lately so the walks have been great for her. We are all looking forward to a short week this week so that we can visit Mamaw and Papaw, my cousins, and Grandma over the Easter holiday.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Shopping Fun!

Well yes, many may say that it is too early to begin shopping, well not Mom (and she even got Dad to join in). It all started with a Mom to Mom sale that Mom went to and now it is a mission! Mamaw and Papaw got us the rainforest bedding set we all decided on and once we got it, wow, the colors look great. Grandma decided that she wanted to get the furniture set, so of course Mom and Dad were thrilled. Since she sent us a gift card, we were able to go shopping and get some items from our registry, already, I know! So far we have the rainforest bedding set, furniture set, mattress, and rainforest pack and play. It has started to become very real to Mom and Dad but every day is still exciting. I am 17 weeks now and I am getting excited to join all of these wonderful people that have been so helpful to Mom and Dad already.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Look at Me!

Well Mom and Dad got their first glimpse of me! I think that they really enjoyed it. Dad laughed the whole time and Mom was amazed at how much they could see. Mom had to go back first on her own for measurements and the technician said I looked right at 16 weeks old. I am growing and progressing right on track.

Once Dad came in the fun started. Mom and Dad got to watch me on the screen as I moved all around. At first I kept my back to them, I was a little shy at first. They did get to see my backbone though, so I think they might have enjoyed that. Then as I got more comfortable, I began to move around a little more. I even looked at everyone once, so they could see me from the front. I began to get a little tired though so I put my hand up and wiggled my fingers. I do not know if they got the point but I was waving to them, I needed to go back to sleep.

Mom and Dad really had a lot of fun with the whole thing. I could hear them talking about it all the way home. Mom kept telling Dad that if she laid on her belly at night to sleep that she could feel me on her left side but Dad wouldn't believe her. Well guess what, I was mostly on Mom's left side and she just laughed because she already knew.

The doctor gave Mom a great report and said that things are progressing nicely. He is very pleased with how things have been going. Mom and I go back next week for blood work (I guess they think Mom is a little old) and then our next appointment is April 2.