Monday, June 28, 2010

Swimming in My Pool

One of my favorite things so far this summer is to swim in my pool. Everyone is talking about what a HOT summer it has been but it is not so bad when you can play in the pool!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

My dad is the best! We hope that all the fathers have a wonderful day. I guess that I am bias but my dad is pretty great. We do lots of fun things together but perhaps my favorite is when he gets home from work. As soon as I see Dad pull up from work, I jump up and down at the front door. That is because when he gets home I also request "swing Daddy" because he swings me around high in the air. It is so fun and is kind of special because it is only between me and my daddy.

On Father's Day, we took Dad for pictures and then went to dinner. It was so fun and I love getting dressed in my picture outfit. I was not cooperative for pictures but dinner was a blast. Dad and I had fun and did our "pound" while we waited for our food. I even got a balloon! What a great day for Daddy!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Visiting College

Yesterday I got to visit Mommy and Daddy's alumni college. Mom and Dad both went there for the undergraduate degrees, Mommy's masters degree, and Daddy finished his last class this week for his master's degree. I am so proud of him. He was able to do it with me around, I am not always the most cooperative :)

It was such a nice day! Dad had to return books so we walked around the campus, had lunch there, and just enjoyed each other. Mom said that the campus gets nicer each time she goes there and I really enjoyed it too. I really enjoyed University Park and the water. I had to hold close to Dad though because I was very tempted to take a walk right into the water. I am already preparing myself for college to be either a pilot or a dancer. We will see . . .

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Today Mom and I went to the local parade. We are not sure why they hold it after Memorial Day but we still wanted to support and enjoy the parade. Since it was rainy off and on all morning, we got in the car and headed a few blocks down the street to get a good spot. Normally, we would walk down but due to the chance of rain, we didn't want to get stranded. Once we got a great spot, we set up our chairs and began to get comfortable.

There were some really fun things in the parade and I really enjoyed these most . . .

The rain held off and once the parade was over, with goodies in hand, we headed home for some rest and relaxation. It is Mom's last week of work and my last full week of daycare!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Fun

This weekend was such a blast! We only wish that we could have put flowers on my great grandparents grave site but at least Mamaw did that for the family since we are in another state.

It was fun-filled with family and lots of great weather. On Friday, we went for a family bike ride and it was a blast. When we pulled back up to the house, I just cried. I was not ready to be done with the ride. It was just too fun but maybe that was because Mom had to do all the work :)

On Saturday, we got up bright and early so Dad packed me in and we all went for a refreshing, morning bike ride. I just loved it! While I was napping, I got the best surprise! Not only did I wake up and Mamaw and Papaw had stopped by but they also brought me a play house for outside. I spent most of the rest of the day in the play house. That was really cool for them to bring it and set it up! They are the best!

Later that evening, I took a break from the fun and the heat to relax inside with my babies. Once my cousins got here, we ordered pizza and and had a good time. Pizza is always good for me.

When Sunday approached, I was so excited. I had really been looking forward to my cousins' birthday party! I had picked out some pretty cool gifts and was excited to see everyone. While I was there, I got to visit, ride the swing, swim in the pool, and enjoy lots of good food. I fell asleep before we got to the end of their street to drive home.

On Memorial Day, me and Mom and Dad went to the zoo. The peacock was right in front of me when she opened her feathers, it was so cool! I also really liked the flamingos. I guess it was a bird kind of day. Mom and Dad forgot their camera so we have just put these memories in our head - until next time.

Tuesday was back to the usual so naturally we were all very tired, well kind of. I was not too tired to play out back at my house most of the evening. What a wonderful weekend with memories and family!