Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What a Stimulating September

Since we are a little behind in our updates, we want to catch you up on all the fun this month. We have been busy every weekend and having some fun while we are at it . . .

Over the Labor Day weekend, we had a family mini-vacation with Mom's family. We went to the Newport Aquarium, took in some of the activities of the Freedom Fest, played at the waterpark called The Beach, and just had a ton of fun! My favorite was definitely the aquarium, I loved it! As you can see, I pointed out all of the wonderful things that I saw. The Beach was pretty cool but the water was a little cool for me. What fun!

The following weekend, I had another amazing experience because Mom and Dad took me to the UniverSoul Circus. Somehow they had managed to get front row seats and I had the best time. I loved every single act. I sat up and was mesmerized the entire time. I cannot wait to go every year now! We weren't allowed to take pictures but we tried to at least get a few . . . don't tell!

This past weekend was a busy one too because we had two birthday parties to attend. We went to Ohio to visit Mom's family because it was my cousin's birthday. We went to my Uncle's football game on Friday night and that was my first! It was a blast hanging out with my cousins. On Saturday, we celebrating her birthday with a Wow, Wow, Wubbzy party! Then that evening, we were off to Indiana to celebrate Dad's aunt and cousin's birthday with a fish fry! Wow, was there a ton of food! It was fun, I enjoyed playing with the other kids. On Sunday before we left we gathered at Great Granny's house for lunch and we were back on the road home. It was fun but busy! I slept SOOOO good when we got home!

Other than that, things have been great! I had a runny nose lately but it has gotten better over the past two days so I am doing much better. We think it is just the weather changing back and forth! Daycare is good, I like the kids and my teachers and I do not cry anymore when Mom or Dad leaves. I am such a big girl. I am running around, climbing on everything, and keeping Mom and Dad busy!